Blossoms (Amulya)

He held out his hand to me. I tilted my head up and his warm gaze met mine. I took in a few big breaths to help calm my beating heart- nervousness flowed throughout my whole body as my pulse quickened. I felt my pulse diminish as I began to accept his presence. His gaze felt so heavy, but gentle. As I studied his being, he cracked a smile to show me that it was alright.

His pale face extenuated his chocolate eyes, so dark yet so welcoming. Dimples deepening the more he smiled. His charming charcoal hair was gelled back, with only a few stray strands curing onto his forehead. His polished hair tucked behind his ears flawlessly- his birthmark rested under his soft right eye. I took his warm hand into mine, as he led me forward. I didn’t mind where too, as long as it was with him. I couldn’t help grinning, delighted that he chose me.

I wasn’t anyone special. Rather, I was just a little flower compared to him – a breathtaking spring garden. He stood out, with his muscular frame and statuesque figure. I didn’t. I was average, but I couldn’t help it. His aura was too addicting that I couldn’t refuse. I took it all in, for as long as I could. Wherever he touched sent sparks throughout my entire being- I felt so high on the adrenaline he emitted. The kindness he displayed made me feel safe, as he was always cautious. He was brilliant, utilizing his intelligence to solve any dilemma he may face.

I clutched his arm tighter, he glanced back for just a moment to check in. Leaving the most magnificent, heartwarming smile behind. The type of smile that made you feel secure, protected. The type of smile that filled your whole being with bliss, euphoria and happiness. The type of smile that whispered to you, “you’re going to be alright, because I’m here now.”

The night was warm, with only a soft breeze brushing the pink cherry blossoms. The delicate flower emitted the sweetest scent as it descended ever so slowly into the springtime air. The air warmed my lungs as I took a breath, leaving behind blossoming happiness as I gradually exhaled. The stars glimmered in the dark sky as I grinned – smothering his hand in both of mine. His firm, yet gentle, hand.



  1. Dear Amulya,

    I just want to start off by saying I absolutely loved this piece. The use of imagery throughout the writing really enhances the overall story and was implemented perfectly. it allowed the audience to capture the true essence of each of the characters. I specifically enjoyed the line “His polished hair tucked behind his ears flawlessly- his birthmark rested under his soft right eye,” as it had done a great job developing the character.

    I did not find much wrong with the piece but I would’ve liked the story line to be a bit longer which would have allowed for further development of the plot.


    • Dear Khushman,
      Thank you so much! I’m really glad to hear that you enjoyed this piece, and I will defiantly work on further plot development to make my writing more interesting in the future. Thank you for your your advice and comment!
      Sincerely, Amulya

  2. Dear Amulya,

    As someone who enjoys writing and reading about romance, this writing piece perfectly attuned to all of my romantic senses. I love (!) how lighthearted and sweet it is overall. I could definitely understand and feel the true love the narrator had for the man.

    In particular, my favorite part of your writing piece was the use of flowers: “I wasn’t anyone special. Rather, I was just a little flower compared to him – a breathtaking spring garden.” I am a sucker for flower symbolism, and you used it perfectly within your writing. With the use of scenery to paint out a breathtaking image and the development of two characters that are very much in love, the writing piece represents the softness of love that I enjoy. I would’ve liked for the writing overall to be a little bit longer, but I also feel like it works as it is.

    I’m very excited to see how your writing builds and develops. <3


    • Dear Cindy,
      Thank you so much! I’m glad that you enjoyed the romance, as I tried to convey it the best I could! Thank you so much for your kind words!
      Sincerely, Amulya

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